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  VALVES Hydraulic high pressure valves
    Hydraulic valves
  BALL VALVES Ball Valves - 2 Way - High Pressure
    Ball Valves - Flanges End
Ball Valves - For Hydraulics Tube
    Ball Valves - For Instrumentation
    Ball Valves - 3 way type
    Ball Valves - Tube to Tube End
    Ball valves -Socket Weld Type
  NEEDLE VALVES Needle Valves Tube End
    Needle Valves Screwed End
    Needle Valves High Pressure
    Needle Valve Socket Weld Type
    Needle Valves Butt Weld Type
    Needle Valve with Integral Bonnet
    Needle Valve with Panel Mounted
    Needle Valve Gauge Root Type
    Needle Valve - Anguler Type
  CHECK VALVES Check valves
    Non return valve
    Non return valve tube to male end
    Check valve tube To tube end
    High flow check valves
  FLOW CONTROL VALVE Hydraulic flow control valves
    Flow control valves
    Hydraulic Throttle valves
    Throttle with check valves
  MANIFOLD VALVES 2 way Monifold valves VEV series
    2 way Manifold VEVL series
    3 way Manifold VEV series
    5 way Manifold VEV series
    5 way Manifold VEVB series
  SAE FLANGES Hydraulic Flanges
    Flanges J 518 C Type
    SAE Flanges
    ISO 6162 Flanges
    ISO 6162 Flanges
    ISO 6164 Flanges
    3000 series Flanges
    6000 Series Flanges
    DIN Series Flanges
    Split Flanges
    Mono Flanges , Captive Flanges
    Socket Weld Flanges Type
    Butt Weld Flanges type
    Blind Flanges
    Welded Flanges
    Steel Flanges
    Thread Flanges
    Orifice Flat Flange
    Weld Nozzle Flanges
    CETOP Flanges
    Sqaure Flanges

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VE-LOCK® Product Warranty
All VE-LOCK®Brand Make Products Stands for 12 Months Warranty of any defects in material or improper workmanship.The Warranty Stands for Replacements of determined Defective parts only.